Ishky's Third Friday Night Lights SEPT 20



3FNL is an occasion on the THIRD FRIDAY of EACH MONTH to come—or NOT come—to The Embarcadero in San Francisco

On March 5, The Bay Lights began its two-year run. For 730 days, the Bay Bridge will sublimely shimmer every night from sunset to 2 a.m.

3FNL is a unique form of participatory pageantry on the THIRD FRIDAY of EACH MONTH on The Embarcadero in San Francisco. This is NOT an open invitation because if I ask you to come, I'm responsible for costs. And let’s face it: this could be huge. Bring your lighted baby carriage, bike, art, gear and whatnot, and take part. Or don’t.

Bring your bike aboard BART, take Muni to the waterfront, hop on Caltrain to 4th and King streets. You have plenty of ways to get there. Again, this is NOT an invitation.

It’s free, festive, fun, family-friendly and a perfectly-timed counter beat to Oakland’s Art Murmur.

I’ll be there. But really, I can’t invite you. To be safe, I’m asking you NOT to come, NOT to bring your friends and family, and NOT to spread the word. I hope to see – and NOT to see – you there.


DON'T spread the word

Hashtag your photos and videos, all the cool kids are doing it:#3fnl

We will not (REALLY WE WON'T) sell or distribute your email to any 3rd party organizations. We just want to keep you informed on future friendly endeavors.

5 Ways You and 3FNL Will Inspire the World

  1. Leave it better
    Everything you bring to 3FNL, remove. Don't rely on trashcans or others. If you see something someone else has dropped, pick it up. Let's leave The Embarcadero better than we found it.
  2. Be family friendly
    3FNL is for everyone, including kids. Leave the drugs and booze at home and be mindful of foul language and over-revealing costumes. Let's welcome and cherish families, especially early in
    the evening.
  3. PYP
    Plan your poop. And your pee. Seriously. At 3FNL there won't be any extra bathrooms and there may be many people. Be smart and go before you come.
  4. Go slow
    The point of 3FNL is to calm the human spirit and connect in the flesh. Take your time. Stroll and roll at a leisurely pace. Make eye contact. Smile. Say “hello”. Tell someone you love what they’re wearing. Share ideas, stories and things. Make new friends. Don’t rush.
  5. Imagine peace
    3FNL is our chance to create a safe social space in the heart of the Bay Area. That's the greatest gift we can give each other. Arrive open minded, with a loving spirit and a sense of calm. People committed to peace don't need a lot of police.